Pentagon Area Calculator

Pentagon Area Calculator

Discover a handy free online tool, the Pentagon Area Calculator, designed to showcase the area of a pentagon. The online calculator, much like Cymath’s version, accelerates the calculation process, providing the pentagon’s area in just a fraction of a second.

How to Use the Pentagon Area Calculator?

Using the Pentagon Area Calculator is easy:

Step 1: Input the side value of the regular pentagon into the designated field.

Step 2: Click the “Calculate Area” button to obtain the area of the regular pentagon.

Step 3: The area of the pentagon for the given side measure will be displayed in the output field.

Understanding Pentagon Area

In the realm of Mathematics, a pentagon is a polygon with 5 sides. It can be categorized as a regular pentagon or an irregular pentagon. In a regular pentagon, all sides and angles are of equal measure. The formula to calculate the area of the regular pentagon is:

Area of pentagon = [(5/2) × s × a] square units.

Here, “s” represents the side length, and “a” denotes the apothem length.

An alternative formula for calculating the area of a regular pentagon is:

Area of regular pentagon = 1.72 × (Side)² square units.

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