Calculas Derivative Chain Rule Calculator

The Calculas Derivative Chain Rule Calculator is a powerful tool used in calculus to compute derivatives of composite functions. It simplifies the process of finding derivatives by applying the chain rule, which allows differentiation of nested functions.

How to Use:

  1. Enter the Function: Input the composite function ( f(x) ) into the provided field.
  2. Specify the Variable: Enter the variable with respect to which you want to differentiate.
  3. Click “Calculate Chain Rule”: Initiate the computation by clicking the button.
  4. View Result: The calculator will display the derivative of the function with respect to the specified variable.


Consider the function ( f(x) = \sin(x^2) ).

To find its derivative with respect to ( x ), enter ( \sin(x^2) ) as the function and ( x ) as the variable. Upon calculation, the derivative will be presented.

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