Area of a Rhombus Calculator

Rhombus Area Calculator

Discover the simplicity of our free online tool – the Rhombus Area Calculator by This calculator streamlines calculations, providing the rhombus area swiftly in just a fraction of seconds.

How to Use the Area of a Rhombus Calculator?

Follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Input the base value and height of the rhombus in the designated fields.

Step 2: Click the “Solve” button to calculate the rhombus area.

Step 3: Instantly view the rhombus area displayed in the output field.

What is Rhombus Area?

In Geometry, a rhombus, a closed two-dimensional figure with four equal sides, is precisely defined. It’s a type of parallelogram with equal opposite sides and angles. The rhombus area, the space it occupies, can be found using different methods:

  1. Diagonals Given:
    • If diagonals (p) and (q) are given: [ \text{Area of a rhombus (A)} = \frac{pq}{2} \, \text{square units} ]
  2. Base and Altitude Given:
    • If base ((b)) and altitude ((h)) are given: [ \text{Area of a rhombus (A)} = b \times h \, \text{square units} ]
  3. Angles Given:
    • If angles are given: [ \text{Area of a rhombus (A)} = b^2 \times (\sin a) \, \text{square units} ]

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