Area Of A Kite Calculator

Area Of A Kite Calculator

The “Area Of A Kite Calculator” is a tool designed to calculate the area of a kite based on the lengths of its two diagonals. A kite is a quadrilateral with two pairs of adjacent sides that are equal in length. The diagonals of a kite are usually perpendicular and intersect at a right angle.

How to Use?

  1. Enter the length of the first diagonal into the provided input field.
  2. Enter the length of the second diagonal into the corresponding input field.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to compute the area.
  4. The result will be displayed below the button.


  1. Input: Diagonal 1 = 10 units, Diagonal 2 = 6 units Output: Area = 30 square units
  2. Input: Diagonal 1 = 15.5 units, Diagonal 2 = 8 units Output: Area = 62 square units

This calculator is particularly useful for students and professionals working with geometric shapes, providing a quick and accurate solution for finding the area.

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